Cruel Sea, Surf, Batu Bolong

Morning Surf, Batu Bolong, November 2019_-16
Cruel Sea, Surf, Batu Bolong, November 2019_-16
Cruel Sea, Surf
Batu Bolong
Canggu, Bali
Nov 09th, 2019

If you are only interested to see the pictures you will find them below, you are welcome to use these images in your social media especially if you could take a second to link to my Instagram account @_supersharp.

Two posts in a day, I’ll bet you think that’s pretty special don’t you boy? Well actually I do. I am impressing myself with my motivation and commitment. This is what I have been wanting to do for so long.

And the video may have worked, if it has you will find it below.

So after splashing around in the shallows for a bit and waiting out the big swell I got the nerve, partly thanks to Nick, to get out a bit further to where the actual surfers were. And, I suppose I was rewarded with these  images so it was all worth it.

This was my first go with the Scuba mask as I had struggle a lot with the amount of water that was going up my nose and had developed a bit of a cough. There were a couple of issues: getting a mask and a hat on is a mission, I thought I had put the hat in my pocket when I finally gave up on it but now it is gone, the sea had it. The second issue was the mask fogging. I am now covering it in Toothpaste whenever I am not in the water and that seems to have done the trick. Actually, it is a much better solution than the goggles which didn’t ever feel like they were going to stay on. So that’s good.

I am not sure if I learnt much other then that. I felt like my positioning on the waves is getting better. I think you really want to be about 15 to twenty metres closer to the shore and down wave to give the surfers an opportunity to get up and see you, I think it helps if they see you.

It made a huge difference being around actual surfers rather then the crowds of beginners with their boards flying everywhere. If anything I felt safer.

I suppose the big lesson is to be a bit braver.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or tips for me and my surf photography 🙂

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