Morning Surf, Batu Bolong, November 2019_-16
Cruel Sea, Surf, Batu Bolong, November 2019_-16
Cruel Sea, Surf
Batu Bolong
Canggu, Bali
Nov 09th, 2019

If you are only interested to see the pictures you will find them below, you are welcome to use these images in your social media especially if you could take a second to link to my Instagram account @_supersharp.

In the past few weeks something weird has happened. I have become the sort of person that checks the Magic Seaweed App to see what is happening with the tides and the waves and then sets their alarms for 5am to be at the beach for first light.

I have always wanted to be this sort of person, and now I am. What has happened is that I have invested in an underwater housing for my camera and I have been getting in the waves taking photos. And now I am posting some of them here – look at me go.

Today was my 5th or 6th time in the water and I am enjoying it enormously. There is a fantastic community of surfers here in Canggu who seem to be there most mornings and are mostly really friendly and really happy to have their photo taken. Not surprisingly they are also keen to see them and that has motivated me to actually sit down and edit and publish.

But, you may ask, what about the other four or five excursions? There are some cool photos in those too and I will be posting those in the coming days. What I actually intended to do was film the editing process in an attempt to make this more interesting and actually get it done whilst also sharing what I have learnt. I did that today but unfortunately Scrrenflow didn’t have permission to record my screen – so all I have is 50 minutes of me cooing at my screen which you can’t see. Actually I am including the video below, I am saying things that are interesting to me and I think it might be a good reference point

The major learning today wasn’t actually much to do with photography but rather more to do with the currents. I got brave today and headed out for the bigger wave which I think is called Batu Bolong. Up until today I have been pretty happy splashing around in the shallows with the beginner surfers. What I learnt about that wave is that there is a current that stops you getting there from the east, whips you across pretty quickly and then prevents you getting back. The wave was really nice today and the surfers were good, but getting anywhere near them was a mission. For the first time today I was thinking about the zoom length as yesterday I was way too close and way to tight to some of the action, that was less of an issue today.  I think I spent about 40 minutes trying to get closer whilst the surfers skipped past me, only I wasn’t moving much.

The result is that I probably spent the best part of two hours swimming today, without getting far, which I am hoping will make me stronger for the next excursion. I am so excited about this that it could be as early as tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or tips for me and my surf photography 🙂

Martin Henley

Martin Henley

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