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Photography Blog
“Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.” Wikipedia

Why I Do Photography

I really dig photography.

When Did I First Get Interested In Photography

I have been interested in photography since I was a kid watching Starsky and Hutch, The Professionals, The Sweeney and movies like The Long Good Friday on the TV. What got me was how cool the cops looked with their cameras on a stake out and especially the Telephoto Lenses. But it isn’t entirely about the size, I almost creamed myself when James Bond pulled out his microscopic camera for shooting secret files, maybe it is all about the size.  When we were running around playing The Professionals or Starsky and Hutch, I would be Starsky or Doyle cause of the curly hair, we would pretend to have guns – but when I watched the programmes it was always the cameras that impressed me the most.

Is Photography All About The gear?

So from the start, the interest was about the photography gear. I just thought that photography gear was really cool and I wanted some. Now, I think photography gear is a massive distraction. It obviously matters what you shoot with but not anywhere near as much as you think when you get it into your head that you need something and then spend hours on YouTube watching gear reviews that all basically say the same thing, this is great, you should buy it, check out my affiliate link in the description :/

What Is Photography Actually About?

What is far more important than photography gear is actually getting off your arse, getting outdoors and taking photographs. There is no doubt that taking photographs gives me a great deal of joy, like for example the time that I was in the Blue Mountains in Australia, taking photos on my own and whooping out loud because I was so ridiculously happy. Or now, when I am finally doing something with the images by presenting them on this site, thinking about and relaying my photographic experiences. The challenge for me it seems, over the last 15 or so years is finding the motivation to do it. I think this is common amongst hobbyist photographers. My photography buddy Nick is one of the most gifted and motivated photographers that I get to spend time with and even for him, occasionally, years can pass without him taking his kit out. The question for me is why do we struggle to prioritise something that gives us so much joy?

These guys definitely get it.

Isn’t This A Shit Time To Be Into Photography?

In the many years that have passed since I last watched The Professionals my knowledge of photography has changed and what I enjoy about photography has changed. Photography is far more prevalent and far more accessible than it has ever been before due largely to the internet and services like Instagram.

What has happened with the internet and social media is that companies have been forced to be content producers and so they need photographs like they never have before. Now we take photographs and videos with our phones, all of us, so arguably there is less need for photographers.

It is reported that photojournalists are losing their jobs because it is as easy, and way cheaper, to source images from people who grabbed photos or footage with their phones. Certainly, right now photography might seem to be suffering its own existential crisis.

At the same time, it is enormously inspiring to see photographers like Peter McKinnon and Thomas Heaton make money from photography on their own terms through their hugely successful YouTube channels. So whilst the world appears to be saturated with photographs and the role of the traditional photographer is under threat there would also seem to be a lot in the way of opportunity. I am interested in that.

What I really like about photography is purposefully going out to see beautiful things, or to find the beauty in things and trying to capture it to share with others, and I love it when people like my photographs or videos 🙂 That’s enough for me.

Why Am I Investing In This Photography Blog?

I created this photography blog because if you don’t share your photography it is essentially a very expensive form of masturbation. I have been leaving the house with the intention of doing photography for 20 years and I have 300 Gb of photographs that very people have ever seen. The idea is that you will get to experience my photography here and maybe I will find some joy in sharing it with you. I hope you get some enjoyment from it.

How Can You Support Me On My Photography Journey?

If you have feedback or tips for me and my photography, or if you happen to be nearby and fancy getting out for a shoot be sure to get in touch.


Martin henley

Martin henley

Occasional Photographer

On a mission to become more active and mindful with my photography; to leave the house more often with the intention of taking photographs; to find attractive, interesting and engaging ways to share the images, videos and solutions I discover with others.

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